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Leather Touring Bag
SKU: # RI-301
Product Description

                This leather touring bag is obtained by means of a band on the back of the bag. Ideal to be installed on the passenger backrest or on the saddle.

                This is two piece tour pack and On the big piece of the bag are three pockets (3 Dimentional). Two small packets on left and right side and on lage pocket on the front side. These pockets and main compartments of the bags have magnet closing with their overlap. Large bag have one more feature two buckle closuers. 

                 The long closing flaps guarantee perfect protection from water and bad weather securing your precious luggage even at high speeds. The chrome buckles and fasteners are anti-corrosion treated. Numerous two side pockets allowing you to combine them with most custom. Universal adjustable sissy bar strap is also found at the back side of the leather touring bag.

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