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Leather Duffel Bag
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            This leather duffle bag is in saddle brown cowgrain leather and having YKK  bross zipper and finished strong hardware. This leather gym bag have unique old vintage look with great double tone vegetable tanned leather. Scratches easily recover by rubbing the leather. Over the time this leather bag will soften and develop a beautiful patinea. Our 8 oz cotton duck canvas lining is made in well famous factories by highly skill full workerss.

            This trsvel bag is expendible when the hooks are latched the body measures 12* 11* 21 uncliped it willl expands 3 inch higher for larger loads. Two fast access zip pockets are big enough for any size smartphone ( 8 * 8 ). The sleeve pocket comes in handy on the g ( 6 * 9) . The bottom of this bag is protected by 5 bross fet includes detachable and adjustable ahoulder strap. Two Padded handles on the top side of the bag are adjustable.

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